About Us

RestingHere.com provides IT products and technology services to the funeral service industry that are offered to families when a loved one or family member passes away.

Our products are designed for preserving the memory of your family member or loved one for generations to come. With the use of QR (quick response) codes that are placed on the prayer cards taken from the funeral home we make it possible to watch your loved ones memorial video right on the screen of your smart phone. Scan the QR Code to play the video at any time you wish to recall these special memories

We also supply families with the RestingHere.com smart phone app that uses GPS technology to find your loved one’s Resting Place at any time in the future. Once the RestingHere.com smart phone app gets you to within 5 meters of the Resting Place a “pop up” will appear on the screen of your smart phone that reads “Tap for Memories”. Watch the memorial video in the peace and quiet that surrounds your loved one. Using our smart phone app makes it easy to find the exact Resting Place of your loved one that may fade with time. The use of the RestingHere.com smart phone app is invaluable to those that chose a cremation option where ashes may have been spread in a non traditional cemetery.

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