Perfect Mark

In order for us to supply you with the most accurate guidance to your loved ones Resting Place we need to have the very best GPS coordinates possible. We suggest you download “Perfect Mark” from the App store of your smart phones operating system. Using this app to obtain the GPS coordinates has been tested to provide the most accurate directions to your loved ones Resting Place. Please follow the directions below to see what needs to be done.

Step1 :

Click “Mark Location”.

Step2 :

Click the “Add Mark” button and wait for few seconds till the accuracy reaches minimum. Less accuracy in meters gives more accurate coordinates.

Step3 :

Click on “Calculate Center Coordinates” button. The latitude and longitude must be in the same format as shown in figure 3.

Step4 :

If the format is not same then click on “Change Coordinate Format” in Step3 and change the format to “DD MM SS.SSS”.

For a complete explanation of what you see on the screen of your smart phone, please watch the video on our Home Page.